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Rural Metro Fire and EMT Service in Sahuarita 

Rural Metro is a privately owned company that provides fire and EMT services to many areas of Sahuarita (and other locations outside of the area).  

Rural Metro Discounts!

If you are a new subscriber save up to 25% off of your initial year simply by calling Tim Torres at Rural Metro Fire and asking how you can receive these discounts. Tim can be reached directly by phone at (520) 265-7262 or by email at Please note that if you simply call the 'regular' phone number for Rural Metro you will not receive this discount.

Additional discounts are available beyond year one.  Please be sure to ask Tim about any available discounts.

Interesting Facts about Fire Coverage by Subscription

- Rural Metro charges $1.85 per Assessed Secondary Value - vs - Green Valley at $2.25 per Assessed Secondary Value. So the idea that fire coverage in Sahuarita 'costs more' is a myth. In fact Rural Metro is cheaper than Green Valley Fire.

- A working house fire typically requires three or more Fire Engines with three to four fire fighters per Fire Engine. For a total of three fire trucks (minimum) and nine to twelve fire fighters.  The cost for this for someone who is not subscribed would be north of $5,850 for the first hour alone! That does not even take into consideration any EMT services if someone were in the house.  None of this is covered by homeowners' insurance.

- Insurance can increase fees or even cancel your homeowner's insurance if you don't have fire coverage. Insurance premiums can increase by as much as 75% if your insurance company finds out you do not have fire coverage.

- The average subscription cost in Rancho Sahuarita is $250.  The average subscription cost in Rancho Resort is $215.